Sunday, February 22, 2015


There are three type people in the world, What three?
One who s carving on a rock,
one who is scratching on the ground and
one who is writing on the water.

What shot of person is like carving on the rock?
imagine certain people who certain people who is always getting angry
and his anger lasts long, just curving on the rock is
not soon worn off by mind, water or lapse of time.

what short of person like scratching on the ground?
imagine certain people who certain people is always getting angry
but his anger does not last long, just scratching on the ground is
soon worn of by mind, water, and lapse of time.

and what shot of people is writing on the water?
imagine a certain people who, even thought to harshly,
sharply, roughly, is easily reconciled and become agreeable and friendly,
just as writer on the water disappears.

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