Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Before my enlightment,
while i was still only an unlightmened bodhisatta*,
i too, being myself subject to birth, ageing, sickness,death, sorrow, and defilement,
i sought what was also subject to these things.

Then I considered thus:

"Why being myself being to birth, ageing, sikness,death, sorrow, and defilement, 
do I seek what is also subject to these? having understood the danger in them, i sought the unborn, unageing, un ailing, deathless, sorrowless, and undefiled suprame security from bondage, Nibana"

*the buddha himself uses this term when speaking of his life prior to elightment (eg.Majjhima Nikaya 4) bodhisattahood is neither mentioned nor recommended as an ideal higher than or alternative to arahantship ; nor is there any record in the pali scriptures of a disciple declaring is as his aspiration.

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